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Used by clergy for over 30 years, Premarriage Awareness Inventory is now online and more convenient than ever! Enhance your pre-marriage sessions with an automated assessment of the couple's inventories online.
* The version of the PAI that is available for use online is based on Form F of the printed product. Other versions of the printed product are not currently available for use online.

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  • How do I register for the site?
    • Click the "Create New Account" button. Only minimal information is required.
    • Complete and submit the registration form.
    • You will receive an email with login instructions. Remember to check the spam folder of your inbox.
    • Follow the instructions and link in the email to complete registration.
  • What does it cost?

    Registration for the site is free. Once registered you will have the option to purchase Basic Inventories and Automated Profiles.

    The cost for one use of the Basic Inventory is $9.95. The cost for one Automated Profile is $29.95 (and includes the Basic Inventory).

  • What is the difference between a Basic Inventory and an Automated Profile?

    The Basic Inventory is the 119 item survey that the couple completes. When you purchase an Inventory you are able to invite members of a couple to take the inventory and see the compiled answers when you click on "view" to the right end of the row listing the couple's names. This link will not appear until both individuals have completed their inventory.

    The Automated Profile adds commentary about the couple’s responses in each of 10 topic areas including: Sound Beginnings and Expectations, Communication, Sharing Feelings, Personality/Relating Style, Conflict Resolution/Problem-Solving, Family and Friends, Finances and Legal Issues, Sexuality, Life Style, and Religion. You can do this same assessment using guidance from the Administrator’s Portfolio if you wish, however this automated commentary can be a big time-saver and offer helpful direction to your conversations with the couple. You can see the compiled answers and commentary when you click on "view" to the right end of the row listing the couple's names. This link will not appear until both individuals have completed their inventory.

    Please note: If you want to receive the Automated Profile commentary for a couple, invite them to take the inventory using an Automated Profile right from the start. It is not necessary to invite them to take the Basic Inventory first - it is included with an Automated Profile use.

  • How do I invite members of the couple to take the inventory?

    On your dashboard page, click on “Use now” at the right of the line indicating the number of Inventories (or Profiles) that you have available. On the page that appears, enter the first names and email addresses for members of the couple. When you click “Submit” an email will be sent to each member of the couple inviting them to take the inventory online. A link is included in that email. By clicking on the link, the individual will be taken to the inventory and invited to respond to the questions one at a time. When the individual has answered all questions, they are asked to submit their inventory.

    Important note: If individuals do not receive their email invitation, ask them to check their spam or junk mail folders. Depending on the settings on the individual’s computer, messages from unknown addresses may be sent to those folders.

    When you invite a couple to complete the inventory, a listing for that couple is added on your dashboard page. You will see whether individuals have completed the inventory and have the ability to send members a reminder email if they don’t complete the inventory.

    When both inventories have been completed, you will see the "View Report" link appear at the right side of the page.

  • Is a PayPal® account required to make purchases on the site?

    All purchases at www.premarriageawareness.org use the PayPal® system to receive payment. However, you do not have to have a PayPal® account. When you come to the payment page you will find an option to use your credit card to make payment as a Guest without creating an account.

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